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Shanghai rongxin, century financial services company tries their best to build Internet P2P transaction platform. It relies on the IPC advanced individual analysis technology, leading credit guaranteed loan consulting and management services, in 13 cities across the country in the region, self-employed, small business financing Advisory Services provides professional, develop filtering quality borrowers.

Shanghai rongxin, century financial services company with strong Internet technology, for the vast number of small, medium and small investors and high-quality borrowers to build security, transparency, compliance, specialized P2P transaction platform, "point to point" movement of funds paid investment advisory management services.

Shanghai thaw letter century financial service company for members provides a station type financial service platform, such as loan, and financing rental, and guarantees, and investment banking, and wealth management, and private bank, and equity and the creative investment, financial needs, through Shanghai thaw letter century financial service company professional financial advisory and tailored custom of financial service solution programme, professional of, and efficient of line online Xia combined mode, let members enjoy convenience shortcut of financial service experience, assist personal wealth growth and enterprise growth.

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members can directly through Internet, and we of brokers contact, and through brokers and platform Shang many of financial service business for docking, fast found most meet itself financial needs of service, Via the Internet and to improve processing efficiency, complete financial services.

in addition, join the VIP members can enjoy special financial workshops for their clients to provide value-added services, such as business cars, corporate, wine book and order such as precious metals, to create "easy financial services" and "exclusive value-added services" both customer experience.  

Shanghai Financial Letter Century Financial Services Company

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