Plastic decoration is for 63,000 treasure by auction house estimates 3 million sellers

one handed down for three generations of "heirloom" in two auction companies was identified as Amber Treasure in "blood Cooper", estimates 3 million or 4 million Yuan, but proved just a plastic ornaments.  Recently, the Wuhan boy Zheng (a pseudonym) in Shanghai through a "unique treasure trip" he paid 63,000 yuan, and get a result.

heirlooms are estimated 3 million

30, Zheng, Wuhan Jiangxia people currently doing business in the Chinese venture.  Starting from his sensible, you know that Grandpa has a red "baby": this stuff is half a Palm, lying like a brave, grandfather that he might have buried in the Earth for a long time because of "baby" ash chug of the body, like long Laizi, ugly, only against the light to see objects and bright red.

this year, some of Zheng's sister's misfortune, desperate for money, father took out the "baby", said to have been handed down for three generations, let Zheng and sister to "money". On May 20, Shanghai, Zheng's sister found on the Web to "Oriental baoli" auction company, contacted a Manager surnamed Zhang.  Zhang told Zheng's sister, 5 days after the auction of the company, identification of them holding on to Shanghai.

Zheng took "baby" to Shanghai by plane. On May 23, the identification of experts brought in the Manager, the "heirloom" is made for the Amber Treasure in "blood-p" valuation of 3 million.  Experts say long the object is "animal", and not only is a piece of very high purity of blood Cooper, and age, are likely to be something in the Han dynasty.

spent 30,000 Yuan on the stage

Manager told Zheng, if the object you want to participate in the company after a two-day auction, auction service fee of 30,000 Yuan should be surrendered to the company, after selling the company's auction extracted 8 points cost. Zheng thought, if he could take 3 million, 30,000 what?  He was so determined to pay contracted.

the 3 million Yuan worth of blood "Cooper" was cleaned after a show, "true", it is a red Tutu, "animals", "bath" photos, photos in the auction magazine.  After a packed, Zheng made him look feel of "baby" really worth more than 3 million Yuan.

auctions for the next 4 days, "blood Cooper" but there is no city, did not take out. Manager persuaded long to go back to Han, "baby" after sticking paper strip seals on left in the auction, if there is a buyer, the company will let him to clinch.  In desperation, Zheng had to agree, for fear of "switching", he also specially in "baby" secretly at the mouth of the red ink.  

the first, is 4 months, managers still did not bring good news, long back baby, and contacted the Shanghai company named "international" auction company.  

big buyers of 4.26 million Yuan

on September 29, Zheng with a "baby" arrived at tianshan road, changning district, Shanghai, "international", a Manager named Zhu he.

after the meeting, Zhu Manager said that before the company President Wang give baby a identification of the authority. Wang took the flashlight, a magnifying glass, and after doing a test, told Zheng, this is a very good "blood Cooper."  Subsequently, Mr Zhu said customers might want to purchase, to get in a hurry, 30th, flying to Singapore, first wants to see the collections, said it took this "blood-p" is out.

half an hour later, the company told Zheng, buyers are optimistic, are King and talk about price. After 20 minutes, Wang told Zheng, both price of 4.26 million and persuaded Zheng quickly signed a contract.  Zheng signed a contract and was told, said buyers in order to guarantee the quality and age of the collection, asked him to make a report.

under the leadership of Manager Zhu, they came to a program called "Jin Wu, Shanghai testing technology center" where Center staff to make 11 components test, each ingredient 3000 Yuan, a total of 33,000 yuan. Zheng did as a fingerprint, identification, and call home and borrow money, raise went to 33,000 yuan to send ... ...


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