Dacheng Fund continues to change year four executives

on October 15, the Dacheng Fund announced that Yang Chunming, Deputy General Manager of the company turnover. Yang Chunming also became the fourth great internal growth this year but left the Vice President. Meanwhile, Dacheng Fund from the Chairman down to the arrival of new managers crowded, showing the Dacheng Fund is undergoing a "big shake-up".

statistics show that Yang Chunming joined the Fund in June 2005, served as Director of operations of the Fund, marketing General Manager, Assistant General Manager of the company. Tai Shing international, July 2009, Director of asset management, the following November was promoted to become Deputy General Manager of the Fund. Since the beginning of October 2013, Yang Chunming also served as a great innovation Capital Management Ltd's General Manager. On January 9, April 30, May 15, Dacheng fund three other Deputy General Manager Liu Caihui, Liu Ming, Xiao Bing all because of "personal reasons," leaving.

the three also are big into a ten-year veteran of the Fund. Within 10 months, Dacheng Fund internal growth of 4 veterans have departed. As the old fund company, Dacheng Fund during the last two years was frequently mentioned by industry, its focus on performance isn't up to par, the scale of continuous decline, and fund the company's operating profit has been shrinking, perhaps inextricably linked with its frequent personnel changes.


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