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financial case

Min Xiaojie is a graduate of a university undergraduate, has been working for 2 years, monthly income is not high, and got only a little more than more than 4,000 per month, there are five insurance payments, late freezes. In terms of living expenses, including rent, Min Xiaojie total expenditures around 2500 Yuan per month. There are currently about 20,000 yuan in cash and demand deposits, surrounded by a 2000 credit card, used for everyday shopping.

financial goals Min Xiaojie want to accumulate more money, can be considered apart from wage income, to rely on part-time income. And, I hope the spare funds to make full use of existing. Financial analysis

1. root causes of low income, poor are not professionals through further communication with the Min Xiaojie was informed that graduated from a famous University, supposedly is not difficult to find a good job, but she is considered a major cause of current income is not high, with a great study not ideal relations.

good planning, financial planner believes that silver medals line produces, since it chose this profession, then down "a passage to the black", with the accumulation of experience, capacity enhancement, which line when people are tip-top, revenue will naturally increase. If you do find the professional or do not own interest now, and do not force and start career planning, clear exactly which one is more interested in, it's not too late to start now.

2. less savings, risk-bearing capacity Min Xiaojie 4000 Yuan per month, rent accounted for 1/4, plus the usual overhead, only balance 1500 Yuan a month, the monthly balance is 37.5%. Above 30% minimum standards, but still need to further cut costs, increase the amount of savings. For two years, currently only 20,000 RMB current account and cash assets, not enough cash lying around, and there is no reserve of emergency provision, capacity of the overall risk.

financial advice Min Xiaojie is analyzed the present situation and planning financial planner gives the following suggestions:

1. improve your financial ability * that are important not only for the Min Xiaojie, for anyone who wants to finance is critical. First thing to do is rational and adhere to accounting, so that every income and expense accounts are available, a month after conducting a systematic analysis, identify shouldn't spend money, what money should be spent, but whether the "spend a penny to do great things." Then learn to make a monthly savings plan, the paychecks in hand, save some, the rest used for living expenses. While some low-risk investment, earn extra income, so that we can systematically accumulate "pot of gold".

 2. rational use of card planning financial planner believes that if your income is not high, but always "wanted to save money, but also take down" problem, it is recommended that you first open your wallet and look at whether there is a credit card in hand, suggests that such people had better not use it easily, can not do without. Although credit card brings us concessions, and more saving, but it is for people who have the ability to pay monthly dues, and their income a little attention can make the days of "run", you keep credit card, of course, save money. Min Xiaojie to achieve rational consumption, reduce unnecessary spending.

good planning, financial planner recommended while out shopping, write a shopping list in advance, to the mall to buy items you really need. In the use of credit cards has to be rational, not too many credit cards will increase their liabilities, once expired also, can produce a variety of costs, more important is also good credit on future loans will negatively.


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