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despite the rapid cooling of the capital market, lower the heat makes the Internet industry, but mobile payment to expand offline scenarios but does not stop. Internet giant by expanding online using mobile payment scenarios, attracting more and more consumers using mobile payment online.  Behind it, changing the habits of users using petty cash, Internet Titan real money may be invested in the line.

putting traditional retail mobile payment

national holiday, many people choose shopping. In recent years, with the rise of mobile payments, many large department store magnate, began to detail pay, such as mobile marketing and means of payment, embrace O2O. However, with its own building big data systems is a costly project.  Part of the Mall you choose to work directly with payments giant.  

press "11" period in the Xidan department store found that shopping there are many wearing the same t-shirts extension workers, to recommend sweeping into the shop-code download section named "Meow Street" APP, download and install the APP consumer, will also receive a drink gifts.

it is understood that meow Street is by Alibaba a consumer shopping a new artifact, downloads to the user's current location, bringing together around the Mall and its stores to offer discounts and new product information, while providing one-touch Wi-Fi, indoor navigation, parking a car, parking fee, online wise shopping services such as Queuing.  

media reports indicate that the beginning of September, Meow Street entrance of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, 9 40 shopping centers in major cities, 3,296 brand merchants settled in the MEW Street, opened the consumption-side APP and business operations and marketing platform.

However, the reporter's observations, Meow Street many features is the most affordable rates concessions and grab a red envelope. A footwear brand counters in Xidan Shopping Mall as an example, use Meow Street through Alipay payment minus 60 can enjoy every 600 Yuan worth of promotions.  Meanwhile, Meow street can get through dozens of different amounts of red, red envelopes are available at the time of payment, then superimposed on promotion of the brand itself, overall is quite affordable.

it is interesting, because Xidan market many consumers are middle-aged consumers, many consumers do not use cell phones to download the APP or PayPal.  A mother who are lining up to pay, after hearing related benefits introduced immediately decided not to buy it, must learn how to use the APP and then to buy it.

in addition to department stores, mobile payments also penetrated into convenience stores and more grass-roots in retail outlets such as supermarkets. Especially the average amount of consumption, peak wait time in convenience stores, mobile payment has become standard on many convenience stores. Now by gently sweeping away, users can easily pay by PayPal or micro-payments and mobile payments periodically or regularly discounted, full reduction, such as promotions, and more people are willing to use mobile payments.


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