Don't want to see poor forever: Moonlite's best financial planning

just after the gate, do not earn much, if not money, it is possible to save money.  After the reasons for girls to save money is nothing more than the following:

1. earn more and save less.  

right out of the gate income is not too much, feel free to eat and drink at this time, pay a rent flap see elbow, can save money is very limited, saving money is more about returns on investments, there will be Moon-months cycle.  

2. expected very good, enjoyed too early.

habit of bubble cafe soon started working habits, working two years thinking about a loan to buy a car, pay attention to brand clothing, cosmetics ... ...  Like the practice of improving the quality of life, is the reason for saving money when you are young.  

3. planning money play.  

spending plan, not a penny count, in the case of limited income is often neither the luxury of, nor save capital, money somehow flower out.

there will definitely be their sister said, do not eat well when you are young, wear better, prettier, more about people, their game went, old money and leisure, shape, nothing can be done thanks to.  Therefore, the consumer will take young.  

indeed, the money can't be stingy, cannot tie his hands, what to try, but we should spend money reasonably, there way to spend, and save money while also developing capital.  

one needs to spend money we have the law, the rule tells us is that can't afford to still, the realm of money.  

because the pattern of expenditure is a basic simulation of life, we can find: the first peak is 30 years ~35 years of expenditure, the main point of this stage families; a second peak is about 50 years old, with the elder above and the youngsters below, younger children out of school, parents reach old age; and the third peak is a long old-age test.  

for General people for, money some avoidance not open of fetters: young of when didn't income, school and life of money by parents out, age big has also must to put money spent in children body; 60 age yihou, income source reduced, if didn't save purchased 30 years of pension, on need children of support, instead if we old has also can feed himself, that children in middle-aged Shi of pressure on will small many.

to you, this generation as a point of reference, each generation, total income and expenditure of three generations, and decide how much money you can spend. If the previous generation the accumulation of many 30-year-olds to buy housing, little consumer pressure will be to buy a car; if the next generation of higher income, retired after 30 years can get a higher quality of life. Conversely, last generation of pressure may also be transmitted to the third generation. Not only can spend the whole time or thinking about themselves.


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