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Hundred Yuan banknote issuing new RMB collection warming expert: do not blindly follow

Hundred Yuan banknote issuing new RMB collection warming expert: do not blindly follow

2015 the fifth set of RMB 100 Yuan banknotes released in recent days, "local payments" new hundred banknotes began in the normal flow of the market.  In time, many want to see "local payments" hundred Yuan banknote of the true Canadian visits to the Bank s.

set hidden investment Association, Guangdong Province, Jiang Zehao said in the new "local payments" led by this collection again can be addressed, the market has been heating up. At present, the good appearance of the first edition of the complete collection of RMB on the market prices up to more than 5 million Yuan, some currencies, such as the three currency King "back green print one angle", prices are high, even rushed up to 60,000 yuan.  While in the market, the new 100 Yuan not have collectible value.

the third series is a lot of potential concern

Jiang Zehao said in today's market, the development prospects of the third series of RMB could be considerable, from the potential for future appreciation and collection value, the third series is undoubtedly the leader in currency market. The third series began in 1962 release, gradually fade out of sight until 2000, total circulation for 38 years in the market, is the longest time of the five series of the Renminbi, is China's first fully independent design, printing a set of notes, but also the coin collecting community is generally considered the most promising varieties.  

Jiang Zehao told reporters that the third series of RMB market has always been more stable than in previous years, prices fluctuated marginally, change is not particularly obvious; but the explosive rise this year, a full set of the current market price of about 80,000 yuan, and prices only 43,000 Yuan last year, up nearly doubled.  

when reporters visited in the coin market understands that individual species in the third series, such as "cut 2", "red corner" and is called "currency King" "back green print one angle", the current market has a good performance, rising steadily, gain is gratifying.

Guangdong Province set hid investment Association Deputy President Huang Chengwei think, due to first sets Yuan and second sets Yuan save world volume small, now of hype space relative smaller, price fluctuations not is too obviously; and phase compared zhixia, third sets Yuan save world volume big, collection threshold lower, its although not like 12th sets Yuan of treasures as save world volume rare, and price home high, but from price view, potential undoubtedly is most was bullish of, public investment financial of space relative ample,  Makes it a collection of choice for investors in Renminbi.

rational intervention fourth series of the Renminbi not to blindly follow the

fourth series of the Renminbi issued starting in 1987, and the third series in the early mix.  The insiders, the fourth set of renminbi in the near future "fire" one of the most important reason is "exit," said one effect of, if delisting, their appreciation and collection value can also fold increase geometrically, collection has great potential.  

currently, in coins market Shang, fourth sets Yuan of part varieties performance highlight, which, 90 2 Yuan and 80 2 angle of market respectively for 37 Yuan and 8 Yuan, and Qian paragraph time compared are rose has has 15%-20%,80 years 2 Yuan, and 10 Yuan and 1 angle near one week within of gains more is reached has 50%; rally most rapid of Dang is 80 50 Yuan, near half price turned has a, now has to has 4200 Yuan, than price high out more than 70 times.

in four version of the coin has not been formally withdrawn from circulation after all cases, many collectors to take a wait-and-see attitude. In response, Huang Chengwei remind our favorite investors, can now be properly involved in collection of the fourth series of the Renminbi, but rational investment, should not blindly buy.


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