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Cross-border e-commerce battle ahead "black five" channel gray problems

Cross-border e-commerce battle ahead

"double 11" shopping Carnival has just come to an end, initiated by the cross-border electricity supplier ahead of "Black Friday" promotions again, United States Black Friday, equivalent to China's "double 11", including the Ocean Terminal, the Amazon Haitao, honey buds baby, NetEase koalas and other cross-border e-commerce have joined the party.

Chinese imports in these two years cross-border e-commerce development is rapid, the country also ratified 5 cross-border power business as a pilot.  But there is no denying that is, development of cross-border e-commerce in China is still faced with many problems, such as foreign milk powder produced by relevant departments of the State certification needed for domestic sales, sold by needs of factory authorized, grey and how to ensure that genuine goods entry channels, etc.

a senior across border electric business practitioners in accept securities daily reporter interview Shi said, on alone above problem in the of a items, across border electric business by sale of eat of, and drink of products, if by general trade imports, are need inspection, many also involved license, imports quota, manufacturers authorized, "almost 99% of businesses are no this strength to get these single card. "

fight ahead," black five "

Black Friday from the United States business for grateful consumers, every year the day after Thanksgiving promotions (the 27th), since the first cross-border e-Commerce City after the pilot let go, proliferation of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in China, business model mainly import bonded, direct purchase or export.  While major brand enterprises, logistics companies as well as major retail companies have settled, different size and trend.  

after this two years of development, for example Ocean Terminal (direct, and straight purchased, and straight mail), and Amazon Haitao (proprietary across border B2C platform), and honey bud baby (vertical type proprietary across border B2C platform), and NetEase Koala (proprietary + bonded), gradually groping out himself of commercial mode, in 2015 hope with "Black Friday" has performance, and above across border electric business network purchased platform has ahead of started has "black five" promotions activities.  

to NetEase Koala for cases, its related head in accept securities daily reporter interview Shi said, for should the "black five" big promoting, NetEase test pulled combined "double 11" big promoting of sales situation, through background big data on burst paragraph category, and user preferences, and to period records for has data summary and analysis, and developed out orders procurement volume; in procurement mode Shang, NetEase test pulled used proprietary straight mining of mode, and for guarantee shipping speed will 90% around of commodity store in bonded.

insiders told reporters that cross-border e-commerce to take "zone model", to the consumers, reduced prices on the one hand, on the other hand, shopping more convenient.  In NetEase Koala, for example, after the consumer order and the goods will be issued directly by the country's free trade zone, not shipped from overseas, delivery time is greatly reduced.

faced problem

Nevertheless, imports across border electric business in development in the still faced some problem, to milk for cases, according to understand, in China territory sales, and outside production of infant milk need after national recognize JISC of certification only can sales, but currently most across border electric business by sale milk does not get certification; also, according to national provides, imports infant formula milk minimum sales packaging bags Shang must has Chinese label, and shall not in territory added posted,  But a lot of milk powder products of cross-border e-commerce in no labels.  

formula expert song Liang in an interview with the securities Journal said State attaches considerable importance to, and actively developing relevant policies, "on cross-border e-commerce formula draft is out, policies will be born next year."

apart from milk, currently cross-border imports, as well as cosmetics, health products, clothes, food, fresh, light demand for luxury products, such as large. There are senior people in the industry say, every aspect involving consumers of these products, such as food and clothing, according to general trade imports, requires inspection, many relating to permits. But the current situation is that consumers buy the products, almost 99% of businesses unable to get these licenses, factory authorized, and so on.  Such milk powder production, domestic consumption abroad no certification is one example.

in addition, imports across border electric business in imports channel aspects, and overseas supply chain, and commodity products control, aspects exists many obstacles, above industry people said, specific view, currently most imports commodity is through grey channel came in;

overseas should chain integration aspects, as B2C platform of across border electric business, because c end user purchase volume less, straight mail logistics cost high, set goods (time waiting for more long, user experience poor), stock (need ahead of understand consumers needs, Or selling out, and still has a lot of money) is very difficult.


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