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Beijing: residential parking fees starting in 2016-pricing

Beijing: residential parking fees starting in 2016-pricing

ground parking fees, airport bus fares, Realtor home sale services ... ... Starting from new year's day next year, prices of these will disappear from the Beijing Municipal price catalogue, pricing power will be handed over to the market. On November 19, the Beijing development and Reform Commission released news of the Beijing Municipal price list (hereinafter referred to as the catalogue) has been amended to complete, will be implemented from January 1 next year.  Revised the list reduced from 94 to 41.

pricing projects the Government cut more than half the

people around a variety of goods and services, and who decides the price?  According to China's laws and regulations, and a large part is based on market prices, such as three meals a day of rice oil and important public utilities, public services are within the price range the Government, government guidance prices or pricing, the pricing is based on the Central and local directories.

Beijing currently executing pricing list is the 2002 version.  Compare two versions before and after amendment, reporters found that pricing 94 had been released to the market by the Government 57, 4 added according to national requirements, offset them only after 41.  

this release of Government pricing project in the, has 13 items is national requirements place release of, including telecommunications business charges, and railway extends service charges, and drug price, and salt price, and people burst equipment price, and assets assessment charges, and accountants firm charges, and part lawyer litigation agent service charges, and real estate intermediary (residential sale) service charges, and real estate price assessment charges, and residential community parking service charges,.

"deep cuts in Government pricing authority, means that the management focus from direct government price set shifted to price in the price level of public services and in supervision.  "The Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission said, it will be given the full pricing autonomy of all kinds of market entities, other than the list of all prices of goods and services are determined by the market.  

road and parking outside station transfer fees to let go

let go of Government pricing in 57 projects, ground parking fee contains the focus of public attention.

"even if the ground parking fees next year Government pricing is no longer, parking pricing is not a property management company in charge, but determined by the employer.  "Beijing NDRC head explained, after and live built sector communication, consider to residential parking in community property management regional within business, main service Yu community owners, involved community all owners interests, so intends will residential parking whether charges and charges standard adjustment as major property management matters, into management Statute, changes and adjustment to according to property management Ordinance, and Beijing city property management approach, legal regulations of provides program, by owners common decided.

in fact, parking fees are not just surface parking in residential prices liberalized. "Starting from next year, in addition to road and station transfers (that is, p + r car parks), parking fees all open, modified by the market price. "The NDRC price Department director Wang yan said.  This means, in the community of the future, shopping malls, sports stadiums and other public venues, open-air parking, fee implementation of market-regulated prices.

community owners of higher parking fees have to close

this round of power the Government cut, the ground parking fees will no longer perform Government pricing concerns.  Information from the Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission website shows current pricing listed in the residential parking charges, parking long term parking costs are not higher than 150 per month, 1600 Yuan a year.

"parking fees are 1600 dollars a year, but now the community over more than 200 parking spaces were rented out. "Lotus opened Park property in beiyuan area official said to reporters, spaces very nervous now, residents with rental needs can only be registered, return to fill up. Not far from Lotus PA Mo Li Yuan, surface parking spaces also are in hot demand. Because of the "far" which came up with security measures is the drawing of lots, each April, needed all the parking spot owners will need to draw to get spaces.

parking space so scarce, based on market pricing, experiences a significant price hike?  This worries many residents.

However, in the head of one of the Community industry, the Commission's view, the property company even if it wanted to price, will not be easy: "parking prices most sad is the owner of the bridge. "

reporter understand to, community parking fee pricing is divided into two species situation: property company has stationed in of community, according to Beijing city property management approach," decided major property management matters should by proprietary part accounted for buildings total area majority of owners and accounted for total number majority of owners agreed ", residential parking charges standard adjustment to by program consent of" double half "owners of agreed; yet stationed in property company of community, The parking fees determined or adjusted by reference to the old community management mode of community service, by the subdistrict office (Government) led to guide community service management organizations or community neighborhood Committee to assist owners in determining.


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