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Eight respondents: two children of maternity leave should be extended

Eight respondents: two children of maternity leave should be extended

let go of two-child policy is a, two-child mothers can take maternity leave has become netizens concerned topics. In accordance with existing regulations, fertility after the second child, basic reward for maternity leave maternity leave cannot be enjoyed. Public opinion about this?  This month's "Beijing News said the investigation" (the Beijing News and the Institute launched a think-tank) investigation.  

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girl leave behind is the second issue

comprehensive two-child released, solves the "can" question, "don't be angry" before selecting the answer to the question of family or career women, placed in front of the first "Tiger", is the second child for maternity leave.

in this month's "Beijing News said the investigation", the 79% of the respondents believe that birth mother of the two children are older, the body requires more time to recover, thus requiring longer maternity leave. But at the same time, before releasing two children "just one" era, female employment discrimination in employment is a problem. Now enter the two-child age, coupled with the extended maternity leave, women will suffer more severe discrimination in employment?  This is beyond child-rearing costs higher, low fertility outside of popular culture, professional women are facing two important concerns of children.

bearing two children be guaranteed maternity leave and so on, with female employment should not be antagonistic. And in the long run, let go after the second child, people look forward to the relevant protective measures, two child maternity leave not only this one.


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