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Pay fee to be extractable housing accumulation Fund

Pay fee to be extractable housing accumulation Fund

deposit ratio should not be less than 5%


draft specification for deposit policy, specifically units and their staff should be paid into the Housing Fund, and individual businesses with no employees, part-time employees and other flexible employment personnel can be paid into the Housing Fund.

draft clear and imposed on deposit base and deposit ratio of "high low". Deposit base determined in accordance with my previous year's average monthly wage of workers shall not be less than employees working in urban units the previous year 60% of the average employed, shall not be higher than districts on the city employees work unit employed 3 times the average wage in the previous year.  Housing units and employees Provident Fund deposit ratio, the ceiling should not exceed 12%, lower limit should not be less than 5%.  

Provident Fund to pay property fees

proposed relaxation of the extraction conditions of housing accumulation Fund, purchase, construction, repair, renovation in owner-occupied housing, no employees to pay house rent, employees in owner-occupied housing fee, can extract the Housing Fund.  

purchase, construction, repair, improvement in owner-occupied housing, reimbursement for housing loan interest, no room of employees in owner-occupied housing rent, payment of owner-occupied residential properties employees, can extract both spouses of the Housing Fund.

cheat mention Provident Fund will was fine

trial draft increased on cheat mention, and fraud behavior of investigation efforts, to provides false material, cheat means extraction housing Provident Fund or get housing Provident Fund loan of, by housing Provident Fund Management Center ordered returned cheat of housing Provident Fund or illegal loan, at cheat amount 1 time times above 3 times times following of fine or illegal loan amount 10% above 30% following fine, and canceled deposit workers 5 years housing Provident Fund extraction and the loan qualification; constitute crime of,  Criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

draft clearly shortened extract and loan approval time limit for loan approval time shortened from 15th to 10th.


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