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One Department: retirement age will extend only a few months in the year

One Department: retirement age will extend only a few months in the year

one Department: the gradual retirement programmes are to formulate timely to the public for comments

recently, some media for gradual retirement age and pension problems found in some provinces were very concerned Internet users there are also reflected.  To this end, the reporter interviewed Li, spokesman of the Ministry.  

gradual retirement age

Li said party's 18 session decided to develop progressive retirement age policy, plenary further proposed that the introduction of gradual retirement age policy, which is based on our national conditions, in-depth analysis of trends in economic and social development, drawing on international experience, promoting a more equitable and sustainable social security system's major initiatives.

Department of human resources and social security are in accordance with the central demands further research for gradual retirement age.  In the programme process in the formulation of their retirement age, will take full account of the views and opinions of the community, the overall balance.  

General consideration is that according to the trend of an ageing population and labour force status, grasp the node and pace of adjustment, "small steps slow, progressive place", which would merely prolong the retirement age for a few months each year, and advance notice to the community, to the expectations of the public.

"at present, we are developing this programme, would, in due course to the public for comment, submitted to the CPC Central Committee and State Council decisions.  "Li said.  

parts of raising higher

Li said, in 1997 the national since the establishment of uniform basic old-age insurance system for enterprise employees, employees ' pension insurance system improvement, continues to expand the scale of the Fund, the targeted groups continued to increase, in promoting the establishment of a more fair and sustainable social security system has taken a solid step forward in the process.

since 2014, is affected by multiple factors, current pension payments to provinces that is greater than the Fund's levy income has increased.  Mainly due to the pension level increases, Fund expenditures increased population aging effects appear, retiring insured workers pay grew faster than number number raised high in some areas, a heavier burden.

from the perspective of income and expenses of the Pension Fund, the first 10 months of this year, total revenue exceeds total expenditures of the National Fund of more than 210 billion yuan, most of the provinces Fund accumulated balance Fund payments for more than 8 months, overall smooth running of the Fund, to ensure that the old-age insurance benefits paid in the current period.  In the current financing of the Pension Fund, is an important aspect of financial assistance.

historical debt for a few more weak provinces of the old industrial base of the Fund, the State will continue to increase the Central Government's subsidies.


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