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Raising the personal income tax starting threshold or even expert: the two-child policy

Raising the personal income tax starting threshold or even expert: the two-child policy

yesterday, the NPC financial and Economic Committee suggested that once again raised the attention of the personal income tax. In this recommendation, the Finance Committee, "said authorities in the reform of the personal income tax system, and consider the points made by the representative, law proposals submitted in due time.  "

as early as the 12 session of the national people's Congress held in March this year, three times during the meeting, a number of representatives expressed the view that lag highlights the growing personal income tax law in recent years, working from the starting point remains to be improved, revised personal income tax law six times ignored the salaries taxpayers other than the workers, lack of anti-tax-international tax, proposed to amend the law on individual income tax.

the current personal income tax starting threshold is revised in 2011, starting point is 3500.  However, 4 years in the past, price level, wage standards, population policy, changes have taken place, a tax reform is imperative.  

"reform", yesterday morning news reporters interviewed a families and experts, and hear what they say.

people: a tax based on the family unit

had put forward, "in the new amendments, the starting point does not increase, but be sure to consider the family as a factor.  "For example, the CAO will hold such a view.  

CAO is the main city of a well-known secondary school language teachers, who in September income was 7911.66 Yuan, which deduct unemployment insurance 63, 130 health care 624, 1256 Yuan housing accumulation Fund, pension insurance, occupational pensions 312 and 412.24 Yuan in taxes.

Although the absolute value of a tax not too much, but Cao continued to believe that currently the threshold is a bit too low. "If you look at the family, my wife has no income now, only my income, so that an average person just a tax threshold of 3500 Yuan, the excess rates only need to 3%. But it does not take into account the family, highest part I tax rate 20%. "

Cao gave reporters an account, although the wages of nearly 8000, but need to pay the mortgage each month more than 3,200 employees and 223 Yuan property management fees, including meals, travel, communications, electricity, gas and other expenses, wages are basically left. "I have no children, if one more child, spending more.  "Mr CAO said in the hope of raising the tax threshold, or to consider taxing the family unit.  

experts: two-child policy that consider

raising the tax threshold, many experts say is the meet the needs of the times.

experts believe that the main purpose of the State individual income tax, was borrowed from the tax leverage, achieving the second distribution of wealth, and thus adjust the gap. Today, the tax system in our country's biggest problem is the "payroll taxes", a departure from the principle of fair taxation and tax functions of the gap between rich and poor. On one hand, wage and salary income reached a maximum tax rate of 45%, profit amount greater dividends, dividend income tax rates has only 20%, the tax burden on the poor than the rich.


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